Visit Hegyalja

Our homeland, the Tokaj Wine Region is located in Northeast Hungary, one of the country’s most beautiful and tranquil areas. Apart from the world-famous wines, the territory is known for its landscape and the people’s welcoming attitude towards guests. The historical wineyards are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The team is based in Bodrogkisfalud, a village between the main road number 37 and Tokaj but several of our members have joined from other villages and towns and we have also set up good relationships with fellow teams and organizations around the neighbourhood.

Notable attractions

  • Tokaj (website)
  • Basilicus Center of Wine Culture, Tarcal (website)
  • Patricius Winery, Bodrogkisfalud (website)
  • Boldogkő Castle (
  • Rákóczi Castle, Sárospatak (
  • Ferenc Kazinczy Museum of Hungarian language, Sátoraljaújhely-Széphalom
  • Zemplén Adventure Park (
  • “Hollóházi” Porcelain and Dinnerware Museum & Manufactory
  • Károlyi Mansion, Füzérradvány (
  • Museum of Hungarian Motorbikes, Bodrogkeresztúr
  • Geographical midpoint of Europe, Tállya